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Insulation R value details for Lot 2 Robin

You will notice in the photo above that this Robin has tar paper over the sheathing.  This is because we have used two inches closed cell spray foam on the interior of the walls.  We then added batt insulation to bring the insulation R value to R-21 in the walls.  The spray foam inside the...
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Robin 2 – Construction Continues!

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  • Robin-2-from-east
  • Foam-insulation-in-living-area

This is a good time to visit the Highlands at Langley!

We have just started insulating the Robin Model under construction on Lot 2. The spray foam is the first layer of insulation, sealing the interior of the home and providing 75% of the insulation, sound-proofing, and moisture and particulate seals. This is when you can observe the quality construction and infrastructure.

The Robin is one of our most popular models. Don’t wait – flooring, paint and decorating options are still available.

All of our other inventory is now sold; however, presales on several lots are available!

Watch this site in the coming days for an Announcement!  A New Phase will be introduced with a wonderful new floor plan and elevation.