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You’ve looked around and decided that The Highlands is where you want to live. The next step is to decide which floor plan suits your lifestyle and which lot gives you the ambiance you want for your home. You can choose a newly constructed home or you can choose a floor plan and a lot which Langley Builders LLC will build for you. This is called a Presale in the building industry.

Langley Builders LLC has six floor plans to suit a variety of lifestyles, all with quality construction and energy efficiency. Visit our Floor Plans to see the available plans and our plat map to choose where your home can be built.

Our site agents are available to show you The Highlands and our model home during our scheduled Open Houses, Thursday through Sunday, 1-4PM. You may also call 360 221-1026 to make an appointment to see The Highlands at another time.


Pre Sale: A new construction property that has been sold prior to building or during the construction of the house. Often used when developing new land parcels. A purchaser signs a purchase and sale agreement based upon specifications and costs of the construction of the house.

Many people rightfully wonder what the benefits are to buying their new home as a presale. Before developing this topic, let’s see what presale means.

Presale means you purchase your new property prior to it being ready, or even before construction has begun. Of course you cannot move into your new home for at least five months. However, there may be several important benefits when you buy presale if you are patient.

  1. MORE OPTIONS Depending on just how soon in the construction process you intend to buy, you can have more option to choose from. Furthermore, purchasing earlier generally enables you greater alternatives for customizations in your new house. Most of the presale new home communities will offer you, for example, many options in terms of kitchen such as the type of countertop, flooring or cabinets to choose from. This is true for the entire home. There are many other improvements and customizations such as adding shelving and changing the type of the appliances, etc. However, the list depends on the builder. In conclusion, buying presale will allow you to have more layout and design alternatives than resale where in fact, you have only two options “buy it or leave it”.
  2. PLAN WELL AHEAD When you buy presale you get usually a rough closing date. This gives you enough time to plan ahead for your budget and finances, down payment amounts, final closing costs, even your brand-new furnishings. You will have enough time to get a good price for your current home and also you have plenty of time preparing for the move.
  3. HOLD AN INTEREST RATE If rates are anticipated to rise, some presale communities are working with different banks so that you are not just buying your new home but you could even be pre-approved and hold a specific rate of interest until your house is ready.
  4. OWNING A NEW HOME Buying your home as a presale also means you are buying a brand new property to move in. Nobody else has actually lived in that house. This is your dream, modern, efficient home. Nothing can match the atmosphere of a modern and bright new home where everything works perfectly.

(From How to Build a House Blog)