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Highlands Alert

The Robin 2, our most recent spec house construction is now complete. Our original plan was to hold a public open house on the completed Robin 2 in Mid-November, however, someone fell in love with the house and bought it.  There are potentially 2 lots where we could build a Robin for you - Read more

Insulation R value details for Lot 2 Robin

You will notice in the photo above that this Robin has tar paper over the sheathing.  This is because we have used two inches closed cell spray foam on the interior of the walls.  We then added batt insulation to bring the insulation R value to R-21 in the walls.  The spray foam inside the...
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Improving home sales forcast

Hanley Wood issued their latest Home Building Outlook Report today that gives a “preview of what we see as the strongest home building markets in 2013.”  While the Seattle area is not in the top five markets for new homes for 2013 the report indicates that, in general, sales of new homes are...
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