Built Green

View-of-insulationLangley Builders is providing Built Green™ homes to ensure energy-efficiency, cost savings, comfort, and environment-friendliness to homeowners purchasing residences in The Highlands. Learn just what makes these homes some of the best you can buy.

Langley was the first Washington city to officially adopt Low Impact Development guidelines and to use the Low Impact Development Manual published by the Puget Sound Partnership as part of their development process. Puget Sound Partnership is an organization of state agencies, tribal and local governments working together to help safeguard the health of Puget Sound. The Highlands is proud to be the first development on Whidbey Island to be built under these guidelines.

The Highlands at Langley is a Low Impact Development (LID). LID works with nature to manage stormwater and employs principles such as preserving and recreating natural landscape features. There are many practices that have been used to adhere to these principles such as bioretention facilities, rain gardens, vegetated rooftops, rain barrels, and permeable pavements. Here is how The Highlands has adopted this approach.

  • The Highlands neighborhood will contribute no storm water to city storm drains, all water will be managed on site. Key methods of storm water management are native vegetation, pervious pathways and rain gardens.
  • A significant percentage of original vegetation is being left on the site and will form the basis of the community landscaping.
  • Landscaping will use primarily native plants.
  • A rain garden to manage roof run off is encouraged.
  • The use of environmentally friendly approaches to pest and disease control in landscaping and in maintaining your home preserves the health of the fish and shellfish in Puget Sound. This information can be found in “Living Responsibly in a Green Community” by the Whidbey Island Conservation District.

blueberriesStreets are pedestrian oriented and houses have large useable porches. Garages are accessed from alleys. There are no driveway curb cuts off High View Street.

The existing forest edge along rural Al Anderson Avenue and Fairgrounds Road is preserved as a buffer to the neighborhood and as a space for meandering paths. The intent is to create a modest sense of scale and preserve the rural character. At the Northeast corner of the property will be an open space park of large trees and meadow. From here trails will connect downhill toward the center of Langley.

The Highlands at Langley is the one of the first communities of Built Green homes on Whidbey Island! All of the homes in The Highlands are built to a minimum 2 Star Built Green® standard. Our Osprey floor plan, built in 2009 is built to a 4 star Built Green® standard. We are proud to offer our purchasers the long term value of an energy efficient home.