Monthly Archives: December 2015

Nonprofits and the Island Spirit

Here in the holiday season our thoughts turn naturally toward giving. And on Whidbey Island there's a special form of it that reflects the character of our island community. According to the database TaxExempt World, there are 673 registered nonprofit organizations in Island County. That's astonishing: one for every 124 residents of Whidbey and Camano Island. Some...
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The Holidays on Whidbey Island

Our holiday season on Whidbey Island is a whole lot less frenetic than it is in certain large cities and suburbs over there on the mainland. Whidbey Island won't be clotted traffic. No full-up parking lots. Or fraying tempers. Or rent-a-cops prowling the stores suspiciously evaluating every customer for shoplifting potential. Instead of all this, Whidbey residents...
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