Monthly Archives: June 2011

Peregrine models are ready for plumbing & electrical

The Peregrine models are ready for the next phase. The attention to detail during site work, footings and foundation paid off with a level, square and straight platform for the framing crew.  Now the walls are up, trusses are on and the building is ready for plumbing, electrical and preliminary insulation, sealing and preparation for...
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Framing and roof trusses on the Peregrines

The structure on each home is progressing quickly. As you can see, the roof trusses are now on.
Lot 20 Framing Lot 21 Framing
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Waterproofing the Peregrine models

Waterproofing is on the foundations, backfill comes next and then we start framing. Note the black waterproofing on the outside of the foundation in the 2nd photograph.
Waterproofing on the Peregrine Lot 20 and 21 from High View St. Read more