Monthly Archives: May 2011

Foundation forms on the Peregrine models

On both Peregrine models, the forms for each house are being put up. Here are photos of the temporary forms. After the concrete has set, the forms will be removed and waterproofing on the exterior will begin. Construction will move fast. Soon the framing will start and you'll be able to see the house take...
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Footings are in on the Peregrines

Footings are now in place on each of the Peregrine models. The first step in the creation of the framework of each building has begun. Here are photos of the footings in place for the houses and one of the garages.
Lot 20 Garage Footing

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Construction on the Peregrines Begins

This is the initial phase of construction for the two new Peregrine models at the Highlands in Langley on Whidbey Island. Leveling of the building pad and 'digout' of the perimeter of the home for the foundation footings. The first 2 photos show the lots before any work began.
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